Transfer Pricing Studies

Be confident that your intercompany and cross-border transactions are not putting your business at risk.

CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) can help you put transfer pricing policies in place and support them with proper documentation for each country and/or state where you do business.

What’s on your mind?

Transfer pricing is a top area of focus for both the IRS and state taxing authorities, leading to a significant increase in audits of transfer pricing policies and transactions. Countries around the world are taking similar actions to step up enforcement of transfer pricing regulations. It’s important that you:

  • Stay on top of tax regulations, whether multistate or multinational
  • Understand how transfer pricing affects your financial statements and greater strategic plan
  • Remain compliant to avoid an audit

A unique approach

CliftonLarsonAllen can assist multinational and multistate corporations with the complexities of transfer pricing. Our team consists of state, federal, and international tax professionals, as well as people experienced in valuation and litigation, including the valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets.

Together we will assess your business strategy and apply regulations based on the unique circumstances of your organization. By gaining a deep understanding of your business and goals, we can help you optimize your transfer pricing policies and comply with regulations around the world.

Transfer pricing services

  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Functional and risk analyses
  • Determination of arm’s length interest rates and guarantee fees
  • Valuation of intangible assets with respect to cross-border sales and transfers
  • State-to-state transaction analyses
  • Tax authority dispute resolution