Federal Tax Strategies, Credits, and Incentives

Uncover tax savings.

CLA helps you understand how to translate tax planning and preparation into financial strength.

What’s on your mind?

  • Increasing cash flow and earnings by using tax credits and planning
  • Researching “green” tax credits and deductions
  • Increasing cash flow by accelerating depreciation
  • Minimizing taxes by using a different inventory accounting method
  • Keeping up with changes in tax laws
  • Taking full advantage of employment credits

A unique approach

Working with a tax professional year-round can help you make sound financial decisions as issues arise. CLA’s federal tax team specializes in strategies that address your tax liability. Our team has years of experience in federal taxes, so you can expect strategies that match your industry and your individual situation. We monitor and track the latest tax developments, communicate changes in a timely manner, and provide specific recommendations.

Federal tax services, credits, and incentives