Credits and Incentives

Leverage federal, state, and local credits and incentives to help potentially lower your tax burden and enhance the return on your capital expenditures. What’s on your mind?

What's on your mind?

  • Planning significant capital investment or considering merger and acquisition activity
  • Expanding into new markets, relocating assets, and renovating facilities
  • Consolidating existing facilities or your operational footprint
  • Considering job creation, retention, or training activities
  • Reviewing existing incentive agreements for compliance
  • Reducing tax liability, accessing capital, or enhancing the impact of business activities
  • Achieving the full value of your credits and incentives package

Create opportunities with CLA

Throughout the business incentives consulting process, CLA works closely with you to understand your organization and identify potential opportunities. Our professionals help you navigate complex considerations as you take steps to secure statutory, discretionary, and negotiated credits and incentives. With industry-specific knowledge and deep tax consulting capabilities, we help you uncover strategies that can potentially increase cash flow, reduce taxes, and improve return on investment.

Keep in mind that timing is key. You’ll often need to pursue credits and incentives ahead of qualifying activities.

Business incentives consulting services

  • Negotiation of federal, state, and local credits and incentives
  • Statutory credit identification and application assistance
  • Existing credits and incentives compliance assistance and clawback mitigation
  • Credits and incentives organizational structure and process consultation
  • Renewable energy and utilities
  • Site selection
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit assistance
  • Evaluation of opportunities related to Opportunity Zones


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