Your business is often your most significant asset. Our team offers an objective, well-reasoned valuation that can stand up to scrutiny, tests, and challenges.

Together we’ll create opportunities

Getting a firm grasp of your business’s value is critically important to make decisions that impact your financial situation. CLA can bring a fresh perspective focused on you and your business.

We’re committed to addressing what matters most to you:

  • Understanding what your company is really worth 
  • Knowing what elements impact value now and down the road 
  • Reducing your risk factors (e.g., client concentration, current and future cash flow, and industry-specific risk) 
  • Growing your portfolio by enhancing shareholder value 
  • Positioning for an exit event and determining price based on buyer profile (investor or employee) 
  • Gaining confidence your valuation can stand up to auditors and regulating bodies 
  • Planning for succession

Experience our client-focused approach

Knowing the value of your business is a starting point to making the key decisions that drive growth, and we walk alongside owners like you to help you understand your business worth across a variety of valuation scenarios. Our team includes industry leaders who focus solely on valuing organizations like yours, and can shed light on current and future risk areas and growth opportunities within the space you inhabit.

Working with us gives you access to professionals who regularly publish, speak, and serve on national valuation committees, so you can be sure your appraisal embodies relevant emerging trends.

Valuation speakers bureau

Whether you host a conference, webinar, or other program, CLA has professionals who are dedicated to valuation services and have extensive speaking experience. Our presenters can tailor content to your audience and industry to help make your event successful. Learn More 

Business valuation services

We perform valuations of privately owned companies in an array of different industries, including those with complex capital structures.

Tax matters

Transaction support

Financial reporting

Litigation matters

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