Divorce Services

Get the numbers you can take to the stand.

From valuation reports to post-trial support, CLA professionals offer objective, well-reasoned analysis that can stand up to scrutiny, tests, and challenges.

What’s on your mind?

  • Valuations ranging from small businesses to complex capital structures
  • Determining the real income and cash flow from a business
  • Understanding gross income and net income to perform support calculations
  • Determining reasonable compensation
  • Asset characterization

Experience our client-focused approach

CLA offers divorce valuation services that are supported by decades of experience in forensic accounting, business analysis, and litigation support. We bring industry knowledge and a personal touch to our engagements so that complex assessments turn into digestible reports. We will even walk you through our valuation analysis to help you prepare for trial, cross examine opposing experts, and highlight key matrimonial valuation factors for the judge.

Working with CLA gives you access to a national firm with deep resources, so we can assist with budgeting and financial planning when spouses walk away from a marital dissolution with investment opportunities.

Divorce services

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