Business Tax Planning and Compliance

Take advantage of potential tax planning opportunities and chart a course forward to meet your business’s needs.

Customized tax planning strategies for complex scenarios

Make informed decisions with proactive and tailored tax planning. CLA can evaluate complex situations in the scope of your business and industry to help you discover tax alternatives and opportunities.

We’re committed to addressing what matters most to you:

  • Keeping up to date on tax law changes
  • Structuring transactions to reduce adverse tax implications
  • Meeting intricate filing requirements and technical restrictions
  • Taking advantage of allowable tax credits
  • Leveraging opportunities from recent court decisions and interpretive rulings
  • Obtaining favorable results when dealing with the IRS
  • Recognizing retroactive opportunities to generate refunds or carryforwards

Experience our client-focused approach

CLA is committed to providing industry-specialized tax services to fit your distinct business challenges and opportunities. We can serve as your go-to resource on the latest tax incentives — whether it’s Section 199A, the R&D Tax Credit, or LIFO inventory — and help you strategically apply them to your situation.

Our tax advisors understand the complexities of the Internal Revenue Code, related IRS regulations, and judiciary interpretations. Additionally, we have professionals who specialize in IRS representation and can assist with controversial matters — even if an IRS audit is already in progress.

Business tax planning and compliance services

Experience the CLA Promise