Fixed Asset Study

Reduce — or even eliminate — taxable income and achieve substantial savings with a fixed asset study.

Every business is filled with assets that could potentially increase your cash flow. CLA can identify and classify your assets to help you enhance tax deductions and benefits — now and in the future.

What’s on your mind?

  • Preserving net worth
  • Keeping up with changing tax laws
  • Increasing cash flow and earnings through tax planning and deductions
  • Comprehensive fixed asset reporting

Create opportunities

A fixed asset study allows you to identify assets that are eligible for reclassification, or are completely deductible, so you can accelerate depreciation expenses and “catch up” deductions in the current year. Our in-depth study provides a retroactive review of capital assets placed in service after January 1, 1987. Assets are analyzed based on recent IRS defined tax classes, the latest tax legislation, and current case law, typically resulting in larger tax deductions and increased cash flow.

Our tax professionals incorporate real estate tax planning strategies, and work with cost estimators and engineers to deliver the maximum benefits allowed by law. You’ll receive meaningful analysis by professionals who have the knowledge and experience to effectively identify and classify your assets. The results are real. These studies typically result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

How we can help

Accounting, assurance, and tax

  • Comprehensive documentation that supports the reclassified and/or deductible assets
  • Detailed accounting of assets that enables write-offs upon disposition
  • A guide for capitalizing future asset additions
  • A completed IRS Form 3115 with the “catch up” depreciation amount and identifying assets now eligible for full deductibility under the tangible property regulations (allowing for current year tax benefits without having to amend past returns)

Additionally, our tax professionals will look for other deduction opportunities such as energy incentives, the work opportunity tax credit, the research and experimentation credit, and property investment tax benefits.

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