Energy Tax Credits

Improve cash flow with a 45L certification study.

CLA helps contractors who build energy-efficient homes and producers of manufactured homes understand and document what is necessary to qualify for a $2,000 credit per dwelling.

What’s on your mind?

  • Enhancing cash flow
  • Reducing tax costs
  • Providing required engineering calculations and certifications

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Investors and developers of residential buildings constructed and leased over the last three years may qualify for credits of up to $2,000 per qualifying unit. This credit applies to apartments; condominiums; mixed-use developments; production homes; and senior, student, and affordable housing.

We model the energy efficiency of each unit to determine if it meets the requirements. So an apartment building with 400 units could provide a total credit of $800,000. Ideal candidates have high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems, energy efficient windows, and insulation with high R-factors.

Our 45L study includes:

  • Analysis of drawings and building specifications
  • Energy simulation modeling using IRS-approved software
  • Site inspection by certified personnel

Energy tax credits for contractors

CLA can review building drawings and specifications to determine the potential benefit and certification costs for a specific dwelling or group of dwellings. Our CPAs and engineers specialize in construction and real estate and work with you to identify and document qualifying energy credits.

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