Agribusiness Processors

It’s as true for new employees as it is a truckload of vegetables — your job is to take raw materials and make the most of it.

CLA will help you increase operational efficiency and manage risk.

What’s on your mind?

  • Managing cash flow for greater profitability
  • Processing efficiency
  • Immigration and labor issues
  • Risks unique to agribusiness (e.g., commodity price fluctuations and hedging activities)
  • Emerging environmental concerns and challenges
  • Regulatory changes
  • Global competition

Experience our client-focused approach

We serve more than 400 processors of all sizes that are involved in the conversion of farm products. Our clients process grain, dairy, fruits, vegetables, nuts, swine and a variety of other farm products. Our agribusiness team has experience in multi-state and international operations, so we can act as a resource when it’s time for you to grow. Our knowledge and resources can help you improve the efficiency of your operations and expand when the time is right.

Services for agribusiness processors

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