State and Local Governments

Position your entity to provide effective and efficient governmental services to your constituents.

Together we’ll create opportunities 

Our experienced team of CPAs and consultants can help you analyze and address financial, operational, and regulatory issues so you can focus on serving your citizens.

We’re committed to addressing what matters most to you:

  • Finding new ways to operate more effectively and efficiently
  • Maintaining quality services in the face of revenue reductions
  • Planning and restructuring to accommodate changing citizen needs
  • Providing accurate and meaningful financial information to stakeholders, decision-makers, and your constituents
  • Responding to regulatory pressures and complexities
  • Finding opportunities to incorporate renewable energy initiatives 

We assist a variety of state and local government agencies, including:

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Experience our client-focused approach

Our 600 professionals serve more than 1,700 local, county, and state government agencies and higher education institutions. It has been our primary focus for more than 50 years. We understand the legislative changes, funding challenges, compliance responsibilities, and risk management duties that impact you. 

Our goal is to become familiar with all aspects of your operations — not just the information needed for the year-end audit. Our CPAs and consultants stay in touch with you throughout the year so we can offer proactive solutions to challenges as they arise. You can benefit from a close personal connection with a team of professionals devoted to government agencies.

Services for state and local government agencies

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