Forensic Auditing

Demonstrate the integrity of your organization by performing forensic procedures.

Our forensic audit focuses on high risk areas and helps you strengthen your internal controls.

What’s on your mind?

  • The creeping suspicion that fraud may be going on in your organization
  • Knowing how to detect misconduct if it exists
  • Making sure internal controls are working to prevent fraud
  • Strengthening internal controls

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Fraud indicators often come to management's attention without the presence of a whistleblower or a major allegation. But uncovering a scam requires forensic thinking and procedures married with forensic technology. Our forensic audit is the sweet spot between an investigation and a financial statement audit. It combines deep investigative experience developed by special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation with sophisticated forensic technology that identifies, captures, and harvests evidence from all information sources. We are seasoned interviewers and we focus our audit procedures directly on the areas of risk.

Our industry experience means we've encountered fraud across all organization types. Our team is well suited because of our diverse and credentialed background, rooted from training and experience in financial statement audits, forensic data, and forensic technology. We have team members who have been designated as expert witnesses and have testified in fraud matters.

Whether your goal is to investigate a specific allegation, proactively reduce risk, or perform fraud audit procedures, we can help you avoid the financial, regulatory, and reputational costs of fraud.

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