Telecom Management

Create a consistent telecom strategy that meets your most immediate needs and allows you to grow your business for years to come.

Together we’ll create opportunities

Looking to enhance efficiency for your telecom company? We provide a single point of contact when you need to analyze your telecom needs, services, and contracts.

We’re committed to addressing what matters most to you:

  • Developing a cohesive telecom strategy
  • Assigning a centralized point of contact for telecom administration
  • Maintaining a carrier inventory
  • Processing and monitoring telecom invoices across many locations
  • Consolidating invoices and services
  • Negotiating with carriers and placing orders for new services and upgrades
  • Managing telecom costs and services

Experience our client-focused approach

Our dedicated team understands telecom services and providers because we’ve worked in the industry, and our deep industry experience provides you with insights specific to your organization. In addition, we offer the comprehensive resources of one the nation’s most experienced professional services firm. Our goal is to support your organization in a variety of ways so you can focus on issues that create opportunities.

We have developed strong relationships with vendors and carriers due to the high volume of client engagements across a variety of industries. Our professionals gain exceptional breadth of experience, and we systematically document and improve our processes. For us, it’s not an issue of applying recommended practices — we collaborate with our clients to create them.

Telecom management and consulting services

  • Advise on telecom strategy and implementation
  • Consolidate invoices and services
  • Create and maintain telecom inventory
  • Monitor invoices
  • Obtain quotes from carriers
  • Order new services, upgrades, and termination of old services
  • Provide a centralized point of contact for all telecom issues

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