Grant Compliance

Achieve your organization’s goals by securing, retaining, and effectively managing grant funds.

CLA's (CliftonLarsonAllen) team of grant compliance professionals will work with you to find solutions that help you throughout the grant-making and management process.

What’s on your mind?

  • Competing for limited resources
  • Keeping up with changing federal, state, and privately sourced grant compliance requirements
  • Responding to claims of noncompliance
  • Managing existing grants
  • Determining whether you have the compliance processes and resources to manage new grants
  • Knowing what grant opportunities are right to pursue, and which one(s) should be left alone

Effective grant compliance relies on having an in-depth understanding of the grant requirements, and the resources and personnel to meet them. This includes having the proper policies and procedures in place, and strong internal controls.

Experience our client-focused approach

Our team has deep experience with the regulations that impact grant compliance. We have identified the issues that concern you most, and developed methods and tools for implementing effective changes. Our CPAs and grant compliance professionals are recognized in their fields and provide objective, insightful solutions tailored to your challenges.

Our professionals have experience serving grant applicants and recipients, including nonprofits, higher education institutions, state and local governments, and for-profit entities. Our work with numerous federal agencies and regulators gives us an in-depth understanding of grant compliance requirements, and the challenges organizations face in meeting those demands.

Grant compliance services

Access our grant compliance resource center for tools, articles, presentation slides, and webinar recordings.

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