Single Audit Preparation

Proper understanding of the single audit process can be the key to avoiding common audit findings.

Let us be your single audit resource

As you start the single audit process for both financial statements and federal grant awards, it is important to understand exactly what your organization should be aware of — and what your auditors will be testing. CLA can help you gain that understanding.

We’re committed to helping address what matters most to you:

  • Applicability of a single audit and the definition of a federal award
  • Your requirements and responsibilities, including internal control over compliance and the preparation of the schedule of expenditures of federal awards
  • Auditor requirements, including major program determination and reporting of findings
  • Understanding what is needed from management in a single audit
  • Identifying needed procedures and policies to meet compliance regulations

Experience our client-focused approach

Single audits can be complex, and many organizations struggle with how to prepare for them. But you play a key part in the single audit process, so it is important to be well-educated about the requirements and expectations of your role.

Our professionals have experience serving grant applicants and recipients, including nonprofits, higher education institutions, and state and local governments. We work with your organization to walk through the components of a single audit and provide tips on how you can avoid common audit findings.

Single audit preparation services

  • Assistance with current grant agreements and requirements
  • Development of an on-site training program specific to your organization that covers what you need to have in place, including grant agreements and documents, as well as what your auditors will be testing under single audit regulations

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