Large and Publicly Held Companies

Get back to the business of doing business by receiving help with large-scale projects, workflow demands, and more.

Let’s turn challenges into opportunities

Whether you’re a leader at an established or emerging public enterprise or a large private business, you face various obstacles that can slow the growth of your organization. Adding critical bandwidth to meet peak demands of your team, executing transformational projects, navigating new regulatory changes, assessing your data accuracy and reporting needs for decision making — it’s a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Let us help you with the time-consuming and complex tasks associated with operating across the globe, while you focus your time and energy on innovation, leadership, and growth.

We provide a fresh perspective

Here’s the key difference when you work with CLA: our experienced professionals bring practical knowledge to help you meet your challenges head on. In addition to audit and tax professionals, the CLA team includes former CFOs, controllers, audit executives, and financial reporting directors. Our tactical hands-on experience enables us to collaborate effectively and meet the specific needs of your enterprise.

Through our affiliation with CLA Global, we have access to an international organization of independent accounting and advisory firms with a comprehensive portfolio of audit, accountancy, tax, and advisory services. This global support allows us to help you find the resources you need wherever you are in the world.

Strategies throughout your lifecycle.
Let us help you find opportunities for growth and achieve what matters most to you.

Serving publicly traded and other large companies

Publicly traded companies subject to the strict regulations of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission often require assistance navigating the complex regulatory landscape.

  • Consulting and Accounting Solutions Team — CAST provides the technical knowledge and support you need to meet applicable accounting and financial reporting standards. They can help analyze significant transactions and new accounting standards and provide interim support in your accounting and finance departments.
  • Internal controls — Financial reporting accuracy is critical. CLA can help design, implement, and test effective internal controls systems to help reduce the potential for fraud, mistakes, and audit findings.
  • Valuation — CLA’s valuation team can provide valuation reports for business combinations, complex transactions, and goodwill impairment testing.
  • Tax provisions — Get professional preparation or review of national, state, or foreign tax provisions.
  • Executive compensation — CLA can assist with the calculation of executive compensation, including stock options and equity-based incentives, to comply with SEC disclosure requirements.
  • ESG/sustainability reporting — We can help your organization develop an ESG tax strategy and provide third-party attestation on ESG metrics.

Our credentials


Professionals with 10 – 30 years of experience


Dozens of Fortune 500 clients served


A leading provider of outsourcing services with professionals in more than 130 locations nationwide


average growth rate for nearly a decade

We’ll help you with what matters most

CLA brings our vast network of collaborative resources to help create opportunities and meet challenges at all stages of a corporation’s life cycle:

Practical, flexible, and accurate tax guidance
Digital transformation strategies to address outdated systems
Improving internal controls and managing cyber risk
Enhancing the value of an acquisition or disposition
Implementing efficient financial and business operations
Comprehensive wealth planning strategies