CLA Intuition® Financial Modeling

Look into the future to transform the way you do business today.

What's on your mind?

  • Understanding the impact of strategic decisions before making them
  • Seeing how today’s financial decisions affect the future
  • Motivating changes in behavior and performance

What is CLA Intuition?

CLA Intuition is a proprietary planning process that identifies and models key financial performance drivers. It draws on industry insight, a deep understanding of an owner's perspective, and a collection of interactive modeling tools. CLA Intuition allows business owners and organizations to explore the long-range financial implications of today's decisions by viewing financial performance projections under a variety of scenarios projected over time.

Our process helps focus energy on issues that will strengthen financial performance. Our tools enhance the understanding of key financial drivers and facilitate communication between management teams, boards, owners, investors, family members, and advisors.

Experience our client-focused approach

CLA’s process links deep industry knowledge and experience with your situation. We look at how various factors influence your future in order to highlight new opportunities and risks. We customize each engagement to provide insights into financial performance. When interpreted and discussed, our models can help you explore your various options. This enables leaders and management teams to react and respond in real time to the opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

CLA Intuition® financial modeling services

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