System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reporting

Effectively convey trust and confidence in your internal controls.

Helping you with SOC security

A SOC examination can help provide reasonable assurance for customers and other stakeholders that you have effective internal controls in place to satisfy the SOC objectives and criteria.

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Engaging the right auditor with the correct skillset, experience, and knowledge is vital to completing a high-quality SOC examination that provides meaningful value to your customers and stakeholders. With our team’s deep understanding of the ever-evolving SOC examination and reporting trends — spanning many industries and relevant frameworks — we can help:

  • Identify the relevant SOC report to provide an internal controls assessment for your customers and stakeholders
  • Conduct a readiness assessment to evaluate your current state and identify gaps prior to completing a full SOC examination
  • Complete an efficient SOC examination of your control environment, which is required for issuance of a SOC report
  • Provide recommendations to strengthen your internal control environment

SOC examination services

SOC readiness

To help make your SOC examination successful, we highly recommend conducting an initial assessment of your control environment.


A report addressing specifically to processes that impact controls over financial reporting.


Addresses a broader set of reporting and attestation requirements from your customers and stakeholders relating to data security, confidentiality, availability, processing integrity, and privacy considerations.

SOC 2+

An enhanced version of a SOC 2, incorporating other regulatory and security framework considerations.

SOC for Supply Chain

Incorporates a control-focused framework specific to identifying and addressing supply chain risks. Relevant to any entity involved in any aspect of a supply chain in any industry.

SOC for Cybersecurity

Reports on your cybersecurity risk management program based on a defined cybersecurity framework.

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