Talent Search

Identify and attract executives and professionals  
who can bring meaningful value to your business.

Together we can create recruitment opportunities

Securing high-quality executives and professionals for your organization is critical to your success and sustainability. But you may not have time to cultivate the deep resources, professional networks, and nationwide community connections that can provide you with an exceptional pool of candidates.

Help your HR department overcome recruitment challenges like high turnover rates and candidate experience — while still saving time and money in the hiring process. CLA’s industry-specialized professionals leverage data and analytics to provide insight on talent trends, compensation information, and competing companies looking for the same talent.

We’re committed to addressing what matters most to you:

  • Finding the right talent in a very tight labor market
  • Planning for leadership succession
  • Navigating job boards with too many unqualified applicants
  • Being prepared for growth, turnaround, or reorganization
  • Knowing what to pay in the market to attract top talent
  • Avoiding hiring mistakes
  • Achieving desired outcomes within budget and timelines

Experience our client-focused approach

We focus on three critical areas: competency, culture, and chemistry. Our consistent process is a tailored recruiting campaign to identify and engage talent with the skill sets, experience, values, and personality that align with your needs. We support and serve you throughout the interview, selection, onboarding, and retention phases of the hiring process to help make a direct impact on your long-term growth and success.

Talent search services


  • Background and reference checks
  • Candidate sourcing, screening, and recruiting
  • Creation of initial job description and defining core competencies
  • Interview strategy and communications management
  • Retained engagements
  • Search progress reporting
  • Talent market analysis

Hiring process consulting

  • Exit interview assistance
  • Job description, hiring profile, and interview guide design
  • In-house recruitment referral program development and implementation
  • Candidate success factor identification
  • Outgoing employee transition
  • Strategic assessment of roles and process improvement opportunities

Experience the CLA Promise