Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment

Keep hackers away by knowing how to recognize and respond to breaches in your network systems.

CLA's internal and wireless vulnerability assessment determines whether your network is reasonably protected from threats, and your systems and processes can properly react to such threats.

What’s on your mind?

  • Having up-to-date IT systems that are properly secured — even with a small IT staff
  • Staying on top of new patches and updates issued by software vendors on a regular basis
  • Creating an inventory of all wireless access point connections to avoid “rogue” wireless access on your network
  • Updating (hardening) new software installed with default settings that are weak from a security standpoint
  • Having trusted IT consultants and software providers that meet your expectations for secure systems and operations

Experience our client-focused approach

Our internal network and wireless vulnerability assessment services are designed to assess your network security from the inside.

Most operating systems, applications, and network devices provide a reasonable level of security, but these security capabilities are typically not activated when the systems are installed. Therefore, the default installation must be “hardened.” Our cybersecurity technicians are knowledgeable in the latest networking and operating systems, and can harden your network for all internal and internet-exposed platforms.

Internal network vulnerability services

We address your security from two standpoints: an external intruder breaching your systems, or a malicious insider attempting to access or damage sensitive information or IT resources.

Our service offers an executive-level summary of your risk profile and detailed recommendations for your network administrators on how to address specific findings. Your network will be secured and hardened from the inside to protect against internal hackers, intruders who gain physical access to network resources, or external hackers who successfully breach your perimeter defenses.

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