Large Enterprises

Get back to the business of doing business by receiving help with large-scale projects, workflow demands, and more.

Let’s turn challenges into opportunities

Whether you’re a leader at an established or emerging public enterprise or a private business, you face various obstacles that, collectively, can slow the growth of your organization. Whether it’s adding critical bandwidth to meet peak demands of your team, executing transformational projects, navigating new regulatory changes, or assessing your data accuracy and reporting needs for decision making, you have a lot of weight on your shoulders. Working with the right team of professionals can make a significant difference in how you operate, lessening your burden and accomplishing your strategic objectives.

We provide a fresh perspective

Here’s the key difference when you work with CLA: our experienced professionals bring practical knowledge to help you meet your challenges head on. We are former CFOs, controllers, audit executives, financial reporting directors, and project management professionals, which allows us to fill interim roles or execute projects with complete confidence. Our tactical hands-on experience enables us to collaborate effectively and meet the specific needs of your enterprise.

More specifically, our Consulting and Accounting Solutions Team (CAST) works with public, private, and nonprofit entities across a wide range of industries to help elevate your strategic priorities, effect change, and enhance profitability. Our affiliation with CLA Global also allows us to utilize an international organization of independent accounting and advisory firms with a comprehensive portfolio of audit, accountancy, tax, and advisory services. This translates to global support that allows us to assist you wherever you are.

Our credentials


Professionals with 10 – 30 years of experience


Dozens of Fortune 500 clients served


A leading provider of outsourcing services with professionals in 120 locations nationwide


average growth rate for nearly a decade

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