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Many count Wisconsin as a great place to do business. Now, the professionals you know and trust from CLA locations across Wisconsin are serving the state differently to continue helping you achieve your goals. With our recent growth, we’ve committed to providing resources that create opportunities for our clients, our people, and our communities.

CLA in Wisconsin

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Whether you’re growing your organization or are just getting started, you need the right resources to respond to market opportunities. CLA is among the nation’s leading professional services firms. In our greater Wisconsin community, you can depend on CLA for several uncommon advantages:

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  • Deep industry insight — We serve clients in specialized industries throughout Wisconsin and the United States, from agribusiness and construction to nonprofits, manufacturing and distribution, and more.
  • Seamless, integrated capabilities — With locations across Wisconsin, our people bring vast resources and knowledge, while retaining agility and personal service. Our professionals are well-acquainted with Wisconsin tax rules and other state-specific requirements.
  • Premier resource for private businesses and owners — Wisconsin has long been known as the nation’s top cheese producer. And yet the state has so much more to offer. At CLA, we understand which industries are growing, and the challenges and opportunities that come with change. Through it all, we place you — personally — at the core of our strategic focus because enabling your success means a better state for all of us.

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  • Professionals personally invested in your success — Our professionals value the local communities where we live and work. We are dedicated to helping the people and businesses throughout our collective Wisconsin community succeed and flourish.
  • An inclusive mindset that strengthens diversity — Our CLA family is made up of diverse professionals who come from a wide range of backgrounds. We are dedicated to building an inclusive culture that thrives on different beliefs and perspectives. By welcoming and respecting our clients and each other, we can all experience success.

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Learn how our inspired careers bring opportunities

At CLA, we encourage our family members to explore new experiences to build their inspired career. These opportunities are designed to attract and enrich people who want to develop themselves into well-rounded professionals. This allows us to serve clients more completely and offer our people diverse career opportunities.

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