M&A Advisory and Investment Banking

Achieve your goals while seamlessly navigating through your transaction. Our investment banking group provides a multi-disciplinary team of experienced advisors to help guide you.

Get the most out of your transaction

When buying or selling a business, we understand you want beneficial terms and the highest value possible. Our professionals can provide customized M&A transaction and other advisory services to business owners. We combine exceptional negotiating and marketing skills, creative deal-making strategies, and the experience of hundreds of seasoned professionals to deliver a custom-tailored advisory model to our clients.

We’re committed to addressing what matters most to you:

Experience our client-focused approach

Where others see challenges, we see opportunities to meet your needs. Our client-focused approach starts with bringing together a multi-disciplined team of seasoned professionals to seamlessly guide you through the transaction process. This team’s priority is to help you enhance the terms of a transaction.

In addition to our experienced investment bankers, our broader CLA team often comprises senior due diligence and transaction services professionals, accounting and tax professionals, and wealth advisors. Our marketing and execution capabilities are complemented by our strong collective knowledge of your industry. With more than 7,400 employees across more than 130 offices in the United States, we have industry experience no matter what niche your business serves.  

M&A advisory and investment banking services

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