Outsourced CFO

Depend on experienced, high-level professionals to provide the financial insights you need to meet the challenges you face.

A CLA outsourced CFO can help owners, management, and board members solve financial management issues by providing unique industry-specific guidance.

"I can sleep well at night because I know the thorough work the CLA team brings to their CFO services. They take time to ensure I understand our financials and their quarterly reports help our board fulfill its duties."

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Dave Wickstrom, Executive Director, Alliance of Disability Advocates

What’s on your mind?

  • Access to executive-level skills and experience on an interim or permanent basis
  • Utilizing CFO-level assistance on an as-needed, part-time, or full-time basis
  • Finding help for strategic planning and acquisitions
  • Obtaining financial leadership through key business changes (e.g., IPO, business integration, new system, and growth)
  • Accessing timely, reliable financial information to make critical decisions
  • Improving clarity in financial reporting
  • Evaluating equity transactions and owner protection
  • Developing key relationships: venture capitalists, bankers, auditors, and lawyers
  • Maintaining a vital flow of financial information during employee turnover or leaves of absence
  • Focusing on your business rather than office personnel and support
  • Selecting and implementing accounting software

A unique approach

We provide growing and established organizations with experienced CFO-level talent on an outsourced, part-time basis at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. During interim periods, we bring experienced professionals with specialized skill sets to navigate times of transition when you can’t afford to be without a CFO. Our CPAs and consultants work on site, which positions us to immediately address pressing financial concerns, mentor staff, and help you make critical decisions.

Outsourced CFO services