Find efficiencies that let you devote more time to your customers and cuisine.

CLA can help you reduce your restaurant’s costs and improve profit margins so you can create a first-rate dining experience for the people you love to serve.

What’s on your mind?

  • Assessing timely, reliable financial information to make critical decisions
  • Controlling operating, labor, and inventory costs
  • Finding efficiencies that enhance profitability
  • Making sense of tax reform and reducing tax liabilities
  • Providing the information banks and lenders need to offer financing options
  • Meeting sales tax compliance obligations
  • Modernizing business technology systems and software
  • Keeping up with constantly changing compliance issues

A unique approach

We’ve talked to countless restaurant owners and managers who tell us that, between a saturated market and powerful competitive forces, it’s no wonder so many establishments come and go in the blink of an eye. They understand that to stay relevant in a rapidly changing industry, they need to anticipate trends and challenges and be in a position to quickly adapt — but that it can be difficult to know what lies ahead and which strategies and technologies are smart to invest in.

CLA’s restaurant professionals have those insights. We work closely with all sectors (family, casual, fine dining, quick serve, and quick casual) and can offer whatever financial and operational guidance you need. Our people get to know you personally and reach out with preemptive advice on cutting costs and improving profitability, strategies for achieving tax efficiencies, and proactive help with managing the day-to-day functions and technologies that keep your businesses humming and give you room to grow.

Services for restaurants

CLA helps restaurants of all sizes and types — including public, independent, franchisors, and franchisees — with everything you need to grow and succeed.