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Bankers Advisory Compliance Monitor

Bankers Advisory

Experience a full range of products and services for maximum compliance oversight and lender employee education. We offer mortgage lending consulting, focused on quality control, federal and state compliance, and fair lending.

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Learn how Bankers Advisory can help your institution with quality control, fair lending, and overall mortgage compliance.

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Mortgage lending requires you to meet specific compliance standards. Bankers Advisory offers a range of outsourced residential mortgage lending services aimed at helping your business comply with federal and state requirements so that you can dedicate your time to those you serve. Our professionals can help with quality control, fair lending, and overall mortgage compliance to help keep you on track, educate your staff, and prepare you for the future.

Mortgage quality control

Timely and accurate quality control reports help your business meet agency requirements. We can help develop an independent quality control strategy to suit your needs and business model. Learn more

Outsourced Services Process

Mortgage compliance

Ongoing compliance assessments based on file documentation can help you manage compliance with existing federal and state requirements and implementation of new requirements. Learn more

Fair lending

The Interagency Guidelines for Self-Assessment requires a comparative review of approved versus marginally denied borrowers that have similar characteristics. Our proprietary software produces a series of reports that help you uncover disparate pricing and other areas of weakness. Learn more

Training programs

Our training programs offer insight from experienced professionals on mortgage compliance regulations and standards. To make training simple, our Bankers Advisory professionals deliver these trainings via live webinars for your organization, ending each session with a question and answer period to help you and your staff best understand how to navigate these requirements. Learn more

Customized policy manuals

We develop customized policy and procedure manuals that are applicable to your institutions business model and lending programs. We will complete a review of your existing policies and provide updated information with the most recently published requisites of HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHLB, Rural Housing and the CFPB.

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

We provide HMDA scrubs and offer a range of options for more in-depth services and assistance. Engagements typically include a review of your draft Loan Application Register (LAR) for correctness and pricing analyses, side by side reviews of borrower files, and HMDA-LAR for the most comprehensive data-integrity check. Options include geo-coding cross-check and reviews of commercial or mixed-use property files to assess applicability for HMDA filing.

Mortgage electronic registration system (MERS)

Bankers Advisory is a mortgage electronic registration system (MERS) patron member and provides consulting services, including assessments necessary for completion of the MERS Annual Report process. Engagements evaluate completion of system-to-system reconciliation and validation of records between lenders, MERS, and any sub-servicer.

A unique approach

Our end-to-end process is contained within an environment built on strong operational controls that foster accuracy and safeguarding of confidential information. Our practice is evaluated annually by an outside audit firm that tests our workflow process in accordance with SOC-2 procedures. Through our proprietary software, Enterprise Mortgage Compliance (EMC), our assessment checklists, risk ratings, and metrics are continually updated in accordance with the requirements of secondary market agencies and changes in regulatory compliance.

Our pricing

We offer an advantageous program for enhanced risk management. Working within our three divisions ― regulatory compliance, QC, and verification processing — our personnel collectively utilize their skills and subject matter experience to complete services on one set of loan files in a timely manner. With the exception of the costs for travel, verification of employment, assets, credit reports, appraisals, and other out-of-pocket expenses, our fees include a full set of reports. Please contact our office to discuss quantity discounts, pricing options, and fees for other assessment types such as pre-funding and loan servicing assessments.

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Bankers Advisory has been helping financial institutions achieve mortgage quality and compliance goals since 1986. Founded by Anna DeSimone, BA has been nationally acknowledged for providing resources that help banks maintain compliance and better the industry’s overall practice. CliftonLarsonAllen acquired Bankers Advisory in 2014, bringing the company under the umbrella of one of the nation’s top professional services firms.



Acquired by CliftonLarsonAllen


Built Enterprise Mortgage Compliance System to provide customized quality assurance and enterprise-wide risk monitoring

Anna DeSimone appears as an experienced banker on Martin Sheen’s consumer educational television series

Anna DeSimone and Marissa Blundell complete video segments on the Qualified Mortgage Rule for consumer and professional education


Reached 250,000 mortgage file evaluations for post-funding quality control and default loans


Began providing state and compliance rule summaries, and authoring full range of policy and procedure manuals, for AllRegs®


Anna DeSimone’s book International Mortgage Banking is distributed to consultants across the world


Anna DeSimone writes Reverse Mortgages, Financing Options for Senior Households


Anna DeSimone’s book The Handbook of Fair Lending is published by MBA of America for management personnel


Anna DeSimone’s published her book The Fair Lending Resource Guide, which was later distributed to 3,000 lenders nationwide


Fannie Mae acquired the trademark The Desktop Underwriter®


Patented The Desktop Underwriter® software for mortgage pre-qualification