Project Management and Change Management

Adapt to change and transform.

Whether it is a shift in the regulatory environment or a large transformational project, you can rely on CLA when your organization needs resources to help manage change.

What’s on your mind?

  • Addressing regulatory reform and requirements
  • Managing programs or processes for transformational projects
  • Implementing new programs
  • Managing process improvement initiatives
  • Reengineering major projects that have stalled
  • Upgrading, changing, or implementing software

Create opportunities with CLA

CLA helps create opportunities by looking into the future, identifying the changes on the way, and helping you prepare for them.

We offer project management leaders and teams in a wide variety of industries including financial services, health care, manufacturing, and distribution. In large transformational projects, we provide an independent, third-party voice and bridge your organization to external firms and internal teams. In smaller projects, we may simply offer you experienced people to support your objectives.

Regardless of your needs or the scope of your project, your team will be made up of local and industry professionals who have the resources of a national firm to address your specific project.

Our approach is to transfer our best industry knowledge to you, so that your project can be successful on its own.

Project management and change management services

  • Development of project management offices (PMO) (particularly for heavily regulated industries)
  • Process improvement
  • Program management and change management
  • Projects to improve compliance or efficiency
  • Risk governance and compliance projects
  • Risk issues involving information security and cybersecurity
  • Shaping raw data into insights through data analytics
  • Solutions for matter requiring attention (MRA) issues