Health Care Accounts Receivable Support

Improve your cash flow through an effective accounts receivable process with training and support to positively impact your entire health care organization.

CLA can reduce the frustration of claim denials and help you get paid faster.

What’s on your mind?

  • Improving cash flow quickly
  • Reducing days in accounts receivable
  • Minimizing unexpected insurance denials
  • Effectively addressing denials and appeals in order to receive appropriate reimbursement
  • Building staff skills to improve billing practices and processes
  • Reducing credit balances and refunds

A unique approach

CLA uses a holistic approach to understand all the facets of your business, from cash flow and profit distribution to accounting and tax. We know that addressing one issue within your accounts receivable (AR) process may impact other elements of your business, so we work alongside you and offer training and support that is appropriate to your needs. Many of CLA’s highly skilled professionals have firsthand experience working in health care organizations, so they know the industry — right down to the quirks of the insurance companies you work with every day. We understand the challenges of declining reimbursement, and you shouldn’t have to face them alone.

Accounts receivable support services for health care providers