Human Resources (HR) Help Desk

Connect with an HR professional to answer basic human resources questions, and be confident with your decisions.

CLA’s experienced HR professionals provide a response to your workplace questions within one business day. You’ll have the peace of mind to move forward.

What’s on your mind?

  • Understanding federal and state labor and employment requirements
  • Correctly addressing basic human resources issues like hiring, separation, and employee relations
  • Complying with wage and hour laws
  • Understanding Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) matters

Create opportunities with CLA

Our HR help desk provides unlimited access to a dedicated phone line and email address where experienced HR professionals respond to your workplace questions within one business day with concrete answers and supporting resources.

Our human resources help desk aims to educate and support whoever is performing the HR role in your organization. But getting an answer doesn’t always resolve your issues. When the issues get complex, CLA also has professional resources for tough situations beyond the HR help desk.

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CLA cannot and does not provide legal advice. It is important that you consult with qualified employment law counsel before adopting any new HR policies. It is also your responsibility to determine whether legal review of the work product is necessary prior to implementation.

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