Executive Search

Leadership is the foundation of success.

Securing outstanding executives to lead your organization is critical to your success and sustainability.

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What’s on your mind?

  • Planning for leadership succession
  • Strength of current leadership
  • Growth, turnaround, or reorganization
  • Attracting top executive leadership talent
  • High turnover
  • Entering new markets or new product rollout
  • Preparing the next generation for leadership

Experience our client-focused approach

CLA Search specializes in identifying leaders to fulfill your strategic and business goals. We work with you to find the right C-level, president, general manager, administrator, executive director, vice presidents (executive and assistant), and other director level positions.

In collaboration with you during our 360-degree due diligence process, we vet these three critical areas: competency, culture, and chemistry. This enables us to create a customized recruiting campaign to identify executives with the skill sets, experience, values, and personality that align with your specific leadership needs. CLA Search, through its engaged, unrivaled and committed team of professionals, delivers direct impact on your long-term growth and success.

Executive search and recruiting services

  • By fully understanding your business and strategic goals to serve as your ambassador in the marketplace.
  • We engage an industry-specific team of executive search consultants and draw on CLA’s local, regional, and national network of professionals. Your customized campaign will focus entirely on highly qualified executives not actively searching for opportunities.
  • Providing progress updates, including market feedback on your organization, the search, and compensation data.
  • We will be by your side throughout the interview, selection, on-boarding, and retention phases of the search to help foster your success and satisfaction.
  • Our screening and assessments include in-depth behavioral interviews, comprehensive evaluation, references, and background checks.
  • We provide a service guarantee beyond the industry standard.

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