PPP Loan Forgiveness Assistance

After quickly responding to Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) lending requests, financial institutions are evaluating their next steps. CLA can help you navigate the PPP loan forgiveness process.  What’s on your mind?

Each phase of the PPP loan process brings new challenges. When navigating the processes and calculations related to loan forgiveness (Phases 2 and 3 below), you may be faced with more unknowns and rapidly changing guidance.


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  • Understanding lender responsibilities as borrowers begin to submit loan forgiveness applications (Phase 3)
  • Obtaining the required documentation to approve a loan forgiveness application (Phase 3)
  • Providing adequately trained resources to analyze borrower loan forgiveness requests (Phase 3)
  • Maximizing forgivable loan amounts while improving calculation accuracy (Phases 2 and 3)
  • Reviewing the timing and benefits of submitting expected loan forgiveness reports to trigger advanced purchase by the SBA (Phase 2):
    • Facilitating the early repurchase of forgivable loan amounts to convert funds to higher yielding earning assets
    • Accelerating PPP fee recognition
    • Enhancing your understanding of the portion of the PPP portfolio that likely will not be forgiven
  • Providing adequately trained resources to prepare and submit reports on expected forgiveness (Phase 2)

Many financial institutions are evaluating their options as they review the lender responsibilities under the PPP. Consider whether you have the resources to address these important factors:

  • Complex calculations of the forgivable loan amount
  • Resources dedicated to monitoring and adjusting to evolving forgiveness guidance
  • Opportunity cost of redirecting efforts of existing lending personnel
  • Effective project management to provide adequate monitoring and control activities over loan forgiveness processes

PPP loan services for lenders

CLA has an experienced team to help you navigate the intricacies of the PPP calculations and enhance project management of your PPP loan forgiveness processes. We’ve developed programs and technology-driven tools to help you:

  • Facilitate the borrowers’ own calculations of the forgivable loan amounts and help them identify and share critical support documents via a secure web-based portal
  • Provide valuable trained resources to assist in reviewing loan forgiveness applications for reasonableness of calculations and adequacy of supporting documentation
  • Automate key payroll cost calculations to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your borrower application review process
  • Enhance your management oversight and liquidity estimates by providing an executive dashboard to track and measure work flow related to forgiveness of PPP loans
  • Receive advance loan purchases from the SBA by developing reports on expected forgiveness amounts for your institution (Phase 2)

CLA tools and seamless solutions

We use technology to improve efficiency, enhance quality, and improve consistency of forgiveness calculations — enabling your lenders to focus on their customer relationships rather than the detailed calculations and supporting data. Our automated payroll cost calculations, designed specific to the PPP forgiveness rules, can help save time and bring increased accuracy over manual processes. In addition, our communication methods, including our executive dashboard, can enhance your internal monitoring, reporting, and controls over your PPP loan forgiveness processes.

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