The Benefits of Investing in Opportunity Zones [Video]

  • Tax Reform
  • 7/1/2019
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By now, you’ve probably heard about Opportunity Zones. But what are the investment benefits? See what our CLA professionals have to say in these brief videos.

Investors, developers, and communities all have something to gain from Opportunity Zones. These short videos can help you dig into some of the key benefits that the program has to offer.

Opportunity Zone tax advantages

“[Opportunity Zones] are an incredible opportunity to defer taxes, to get tax free treatment, and to do well by doing good,” says Tony Hallada, managing principal for CLA Wealth Advisors, who begins this video by talking about the staggering numbers that are projected to be invested in these zones.

Hallada is joined by Luke Pope, real estate principal with CLA, who shares three key benefits of Opportunity Zones: 

  • Deferral of capital gains (although pay attention to the 180-day deferral rules)
  • The reduction of the deferred gain over time
  • The permanent gain exclusion on the appreciation of the investment

“People in both the tax credit industry and the real estate space see this as one of the biggest tax incentives that has ever passed,” says Pope.

What Opportunity Zones mean for investors

In this clip Jack Rybicki, CLA’s managing principal of real estate, discusses how the program creates opportunities for investors. “If that [Opportunity Zone] investment does well and appreciates in value, all of the appreciation and value is tax free,” says Rybicki.

Rybicki also reviews the investment timeline and the tax benefit ladders for investments held less than five years, more than five years (but less than seven), and seven years and beyond.

Locate designated Opportunity Zone communities near you

In this clip, Luke Pope shares how Opportunity Zones were determined. (Hint: It involved using U.S. Census data and input from each state governor.) Learn more about how these zones came to fruition. Then, explore CLA’s Opportunity Zone map to find areas near you that qualify.

Opportunity Zones vs 1031 exchanges

How do Opportunity Zone investments differ from 1031 like-kind exchanges? Luke Pope breaks it down in this brief video.

How we can help

We can help you make clear decisions and realize the full benefits of the Opportunity Zone program before the initial December 31, 2019 deadline. Whatever road leads you to Opportunity Zones, CLA is right there with you.

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