Technology Advisory and Strategy for Financial Institutions

Technology continues to evolve at an accelerated pace, and financial institutions find themselves struggling to keep up with increasingly complex business operations, rising competition, and the pressure to remain secure and compliant. Our Technology Advisory and Strategy (TAS) services can help clients address technology challenges and present opportunities to help reduce operational expenses, increase revenue, and improve their overall security posture.

Outsourced technology advisor

Most small- to medium-sized institutions are unsure about how to select and integrate technological changes without a seasoned business executive who understands how the technical, operational, and regulatory requirements align with strategic business initiatives. Our advisors will complement your management team by providing guidance, insight, and support without having to employ a full-time CIO/CTO, or provide interim assistance while grooming, replacing, or searching for a viable candidate.

Outsourced information security advisor

Finding and affording a full-time information security officer can be challenging. Our advisors can meet this challenge by providing hands-on support and advice regarding regulatory and industry requirements, best practices, and security concerns. They can help develop policies, assess risks, validate controls, educate board and staff, and guide IS/IT committees.

Strategic technology planning

Our advisors help institutions develop a holistic technology plan integrated with specific corporate strategies. Our technology planning process considers the direct alignment of systems, infrastructure, and people, thus uncovering your technology vision so initiatives can be prioritized, investments understood, and staff prepared.

Technology assessments: network infrastructure, organizational, and systems

A technology assessment provides a deeper analysis of the current and future viability of your infrastructure, people, or systems as they relate to your strategic initiatives. These a la carte assessments take into consideration your business needs, industry standards, best practices, peer comparisons, regulations, and culture. They can also help validate decisions, expose issues, leverage talents or investments, and calm uncertainties.

Core/ancillary system selections, contract advisory services, and conversion services

Research shows that most institutions pay about 24 percent above fair market value for core and ancillary systems. Whether your institution is considering new products or services, looking to renew vendor contracts, seeking operational efficiencies, or considering a merger or acquisition opportunity, our advisors can help you secure a contract that fits into your budget, meets your service and performance expectations, and allows you to achieve critical business objectives.

Pre- and post-merger and acquisition technology services

Technological challenges can make or break a merger or acquisition. Our advisors can provide pre-merger assistance to analyze contracts, assess networks, review systems, and determine if the proposed arrangement is financially and operationally sound. If the institution decides to move forward, we can assist in the transition, planning, and integration of people, processes, systems, and infrastructure.

Digital service strategy and deployment

Shifts in consumer behavior and competition have forced institutions to become more innovative in their delivery models. Our advisors can help develop a delivery channel strategy that allows for a more streamlined and consistent customer experience, while balancing value with cost.

Performance assessment

Performance assessment surveys establish internal or customer metrics across multiple functions. Using the institution’s policies, procedures, and documented standards, along with key business initiatives, we can assist in defining the accepted measurement criteria. The insights gained through the assessment will help develop a systematic approach for performance improvement in alignment with the institution’s overall strategy.

Vendor management

With the increasing migration to outsourcing critical systems and services, vendor management has become more important than ever. Our advisors can help institutions evaluate and improve their vendor management programs. Whether an institution is looking to boost vendor performance, assess vendor costs, mitigate vendor risk, or ease regulatory pressure, CLA’s industry knowledge can help develop a more agile vendor management operating model.

Technology regulation and compliance

Technology outsourcing, information security, business contingency, and other regulatory considerations can leave an institution feeling vulnerable in its overall business operations. Our advisors can support compliance requirements by assisting in the development and/or assessment of standards. Whether your institution needs help performing pre-post system conversion assessments, reviewing core system user access specifications, assessing cash management or wires transfer procedures and contracts, or writing policies, our advisors can help provide the hands-on knowledge and experience needed to help manage exposure.