Technology Advisory and Strategy for Financial Institutions

Leverage technology and reduce risk through careful assessment and planning.

CLA can help you overcome the complex, radical changes in technology so you can control cost, manage risks, and better meet the needs of your organization and those you serve.

What’s on your mind?

  • Paying too much for technology contracts
  • Developing and maintaining a strong strategic plan
  • Keeping your technology secure and compliant
  • Managing internal and third-party risk
  • System utilization and process improvement
  • Staying relevant both inside and outside of the industry
  • Balancing revenue needs with increasing operational costs
  • Overcoming market disruptors

Create opportunities with CLA

Picking out the right technology for your institution starts with assessing what you have and understanding what you need. Drawing on our combined experience as former C-level banking professionals, technology vendors, and IT examiners, we can help you identify opportunities and provide recommendations to address what’s on your mind. We don’t push products or vendors. Instead, we listen to where you want to go, then develop a plan to help you get there without breaking your budget. And with our deep industry knowledge, we can uncover and advise on issues as they arise.

Technology services for financial institutions

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