Financial Institution Contract Advisory and Negotiation

Position your institution to secure a comprehensive contract with acceptable terms and conditions at a fair price.

CLA’s technology advisory and strategy professionals use a contract advisory methodology that aligns with financial institution industry standards to help you identify favorable rates and terms and negotiate reasonable service-level agreements.

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  • Assessing and negotiating contracts for core processing, digital, and card services
  • Evaluating contracts to align with your institution’s strategic and functional requirements
  • Identifying new technology needs
  • Renewing existing vendor technology contracts
  • Determining competitive rates and reducing your institution’s operational expense
  • Establishing vendor accountability via contractual terms and service level agreements
  • Increasing efficiency through enhanced system utilization and process improvement
  • Analyzing merger or acquisition opportunities
  • Performing ample security and risk due diligence to stay compliant

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CLA understands the industry’s competitive demands so we offer clients a team of experienced professionals who can help you assess and negotiate contracts. We use a tailored approach to help your financial institution evaluate and secure a contract that meets your requirements, documents required service levels, and provides a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship. We offer flexibility in our level of involvement, with our goal always being to make the process easier for you, save you time, and help you achieve confidence in your contract. 

Core and ancillary system contract advisory services for financial institutions

  • Contract selection, evaluation, and advisory
  • Contract assessment and renewal advisory
  • Contract negotiation for:
    • Core processing systems
    • Digital services
    • Debit and credit cards
    • Card branding
    • Deposit and loan origination
    • Item processing
    • Managed services
    • Website design, development, and hosting

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