Cash Balance Retirement Plans

Potentially reduce taxable income for your business while increasing pre-tax retirement contributions for you and other high income employees.

The simplicity, flexibility, and tax benefits of cash balance plans create opportunities for employers and employees. CLA’s benefit plan professionals are ready to provide seamless plan design, implementation, administration, and investment management.

What’s on your mind?

  • Reducing your organization’s tax liability
  • Recruiting and retaining quality employees
  • Building tax-deferred retirement funds for you and your employees
  • Rewarding outstanding employee performance
  • Protecting individual assets from litigation
  • Building wealth outside of your business

Create opportunities with CLA

Cash balance retirement plans — also known as hybrid plans and cash balance pension plans — are a form of defined benefit plan that also has features of a defined contribution plan. It is funded entirely by the employer, with a fixed amount going into the fund each year, and a defined amount paid at retirement. Privately held and family businesses and their owners use cash balance plans to complement 401(k), profit sharing, and other defined contribution plans, allowing the business owner(s), highly paid partners, professionals, and leaders to put away more money for the future while minimizing their tax liability.

CLA professionals seek to understand your organization by taking a census of your employees, assessing your existing retirement benefits, and determining your contribution level. Then we will help you develop a cash balance plan that complements and enhances your existing benefit program. Our approach is personalized and seamless, with plan design, implementation, administration, and investment management from one trusted team.

Cash balance retirement plan services

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