Outsourced 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans

Have a retirement plan that is optimal for your staff and helps you save money.

CLA can help you reduce taxes and increase employee satisfaction with tailored and comprehensive retirement and profit sharing solutions.

What’s on your mind?

  • Attracting and retaining staff with competitive benefits
  • Obtaining competitive plan options at a reasonable price
  • Integrating information with the payroll platform
  • Ensuring efficient plan operations
  • Selecting the right variety of investment options for your workers
  • Educating employees on plan choices and motivating them to participate

A unique approach

We understand that helping your staff become ready for retirement is an important goal. That’s why we offer a comprehensive outsourced retirement program to:

  1. Motivate your employees to participate
  2. Educate them on the plan, their choices, and investment topics
  3. Empower them to make informed decisions

Our services are tailored to your company’s specific needs, and provide the resources, materials, and online tools your staff needs to prepare for their financial future. You can benefit from flexible investment choices and the two-way link between our payroll software and the plan.

We regularly communicate with your plan’s trustees and serve as objective advisors. We recommend customized solutions and are focused on keeping plans compliant from an investment, operational, and fiduciary perspective.

401k and profit sharing plan services

Investment advisory services are offered through CliftonLarsonAllen Wealth Advisors, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor. CliftonLarsonAllen does not provide legal services.