State Tax Historical Nexus Study

Plan your growth with confidence.

CLA can help you map out your filing obligations, mitigate past exposures, and put a plan in place to keep your business compliant.

What’s on your mind?

  • State and local tax compliance obligations
  • Knowing where and when to file as your business expands and adds new service or product lines, opens new locations, or changes the overall business model
  • Changing tax laws

Experience our client-focused approach

CLA provides multistate tax consulting services to businesses whose state and local profiles are changing as they develop new products, services, relationships, and markets. We believe that tax should always be a consideration, but it should not drive your business decisions.

Our professionals work closely with you to assess your tax situation, analyze your compliance systems, and evaluate emerging business opportunities. Let us guide you through a review process that will identify areas of exposure and help you chart a course for growth.

State tax nexus services

  • We will understand your business objectives and goals.
  • We review current business and processes to determine what activities are taking place across the country.
  • We will determine where your company is filing for all tax types and chart this data by jurisdiction. We can also review your exposure post-Wayfair, and examine utility bills for sales tax overpayment.
  • As you develop plans for expansion or the sale of your business, we will be by your side as a trusted advisor.
  • If exposures are identified, CLA will guide your business through a voluntary disclosure process (or amnesty) to analyze the total tax liability and potential penalties.
  • By creating a comprehensive compliance plan we can help your business meet all state filing obligations.
  • We offer a post-Wayfair sales tax nexus assessment and checkup.

Experience the CLA Promise