Expatriate Tax Consulting

A global perspective on taxation can help you keep more income and profit.

Living and working in a foreign country creates challenges and opportunities for optimizing your international tax liability.

What’s on your mind?

  • Understanding eligibility for foreign earned income exclusion
  • Identifying deductions related to overseas work
  • Ensuring income is declared in the appropriate country
  • Avoiding double taxation

Experience our client-focused approach

The United States taxes citizens and residents on worldwide income, regardless of the country where it was earned. Americans living in other countries often must file taxes in multiple countries. CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) tax professionals can help you navigate multifaceted international tax matters. Fluent in many languages, our CPAs, consultants, and advisors have global experience solving the complex tax and financial challenges facing expatriates.

Expatriate consulting services

  • Calculate if you qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion
  • Analyze eligibility for the Foreign Tax Credit
  • Conduct foreign bank account report (FBAR) filing
  • Calculate foreign exchange impact
  • Minimize dual taxation
  • Navigate specific regulations and filing requirements for U.S. states

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