The Latest on Tariffs and Their Impact on Business Strategies [Video and Audio]

  • Industry trends
  • 7/5/2022
Omar Nashashibi

Watch our video and audio series to better understand the goal of tariffs and their likely impact on global trade and the world economy.

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CLA has contracted with The Franklin Partnership and Omar Nashashibi to provide the content for this video and audio series. We regularly add new clips as changes in the trade war and U.S. tariff policies develop, so check back periodically for the latest updates.

Infographic: Tariff Mitigation and Management

We’ve talked extensively with Omar Nashashibi of The Franklin Partnership and others to record a series of short videos and audio clips that can help you better understand the goal of tariffs, their likely impact on inflation, the current and near-term trade environment, potential global quotas, and strategies for staying competitive.  

Mexico and China

The U.S. Trade Representative recently requested consultations with Mexico over promoting state-owned energy companies at the expense of American businesses that could lead to billions in tariffs. Meanwhile, the Biden administration responds in court on the China tariffs as it continues to consider whether to lift some of the 25% or 7.5% tariffs on over 10,000 imports. Our tariff policy correspondent in Washington, DC, bring us the latest.

China, Kenya, USMCA, Forced Labor

As businesses await word from the White House on whether they will keep all tariffs in place on Chinese imports, our trade policy correspondent in Washington, D.C., discusses what else is on the current trade agenda — including dialogue among the U.S., Canada, and Mexico; trade talks with Kenya; and the government’s review of both the tariffs on Chinese imports and foreign steel and aluminum.

The Latest Updates on Russia, IPEF, and Mexico

President Biden announced an increase in tariffs on Russia, continued to press his Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, and is reviewing Mexico’s policies on labor and energy. Our trade policy correspondent in Washington, DC, discusses these latest developments and what it could mean for manufacturers and distributors.

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CLA’s manufacturing and distribution professionals and international business advisors can help you assess the impact of tariffs on your operations and craft short- and long-term strategies for competing amid the trade war.

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