Outsourced Technology Advisor for Financial Institutions

Align technology and business goals with the help of a strategic information technology (IT) leader who understands the financial services industry.

CLA provides technology advisors with years of experience, knowledge, and insight obtained operating in diverse IT environments.

What's on your mind?

  • Having an experienced IT leader without the expense of a full-time executive
  • Refocusing your senior executives to other critical business initiatives
  • Gaining assurance that IT strategies are being adequately executed and managed
  • Capturing and understanding your true IT costs, both recurring and investment
  • Maintaining oversight, growth, and development of your IT staff
  • Obtaining a broader knowledge of available technologies, costs, and risks

Experience our client-focused approach

Finding a leader with the knowledge of a seasoned business executive who also has technical and operational depth in IT can be a challenge for financial institutions. CLA can help fill the gap with outsourced technology.

Our advisors will serve as a resource and leader to help your financial institution identify, plan, and execute strategy while balancing the regulatory, competitive, and financial challenges you face. An outsourced technology advisor can be scheduled on a recurring basis or as needed at a fraction of what a full-time executive would cost. We work with banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies to assess your business needs and customize our offering.

Outsourcing technology advisor services for financial institutions

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