Vendor IT Risk Management Assessment

Your vendors are properly analyzed before you sign a contract, and they are monitored throughout the life of contract.

CLA’s comprehensive vendor management assessment provides your financial institution with expertise in the vendor management process.

What’s on your mind?

  • Increased emphasis on vendor management by regulatory agencies
  • Lack of knowledge to properly review and monitor critical and significant vendors
  • Ensuring vendors are complying with contracts
  • Obtaining and reviewing SSAE 18 reports for all critical vendors
  • Completing risk assessments to identify all risks in the vendor management process

Experience our client-focused approach

Vendors are a key component of every business. How each vendor is selected and managed can directly impact your financial institution’s ability to meet business objectives. A well selected vendor, and management of the ongoing relationship, can result in increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and better service.

In addition to proper vendor selection, recent guidance issued by regulatory agencies places an increased emphasis on developing a risk assessment for the vendor management process, and continually monitoring critical and significant vendors. Gone are the days of obtaining the SSAE 18 report and filing it away until an examiner requests to review it.

CLA offers a full range of support of the vendor management process, and can design a customized system to properly analyze all of your critical and significant vendors.

Vendor IT risk management services for financial institutions

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