Financial Institution Board and Risk Governance

Identify risks, build trust, and improve stakeholder satisfaction using timely data from within your institution.

By integrating board, risk, and compliance governance, you can execute risk-informed strategies that will help you gain a competitive advantage.

What’s on your mind?

  • Enhancing and elevating board oversight to deliver strategic guidance, while reducing personal director exposure
  • Executing risk management strategies to foster leadership’s risk intelligence and guide risk-informed decisions
  • Receiving timely insights to help identify risk in your institution
  • Managing the growing costs of compliance
  • Integrating risk monitoring activities to better develop and sustain governance

Governance Ecosystem

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Recent regulations have led to a heightened expectation for financial institutions to enhance and integrate their governance model. However, many are unclear how to best overcome barriers, drive strategic value, and manage compliance costs, all while trying to get ahead in the industry.

Solomon365® is an annual subscription-based resource that delivers insightful diagnostics, relevant content, and a continually updated board and risk governance tools library.

This gives your organization a comprehensive governance performance summary and a roadmap, considering factors such as board oversight, strategic planning, risk management, compliance, capital allocation, and core operational effectiveness.

By surveying people in different roles of your institution, you can better identify risk gaps — and move forward in addressing them. The secure cloud-based platform provides industry-based insights and data comparisons, helps build internal competencies, accelerates your governance and risk maturity, and supports a customized approach to continuous improvement to meet the specific needs and preferences of your financial institution.

Board, risk, and compliance governance services for financial institutions

In addition to Solomon365 capabilities, you can leverage CLA professionals who know and work closely with financial institutions to provide you with practical guidance to improve and integrate your governance practices. Together, we can:

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