Telecom Advisory Services

Help reduce the cost of your telecom expenses with an in-depth analysis.

Our team of industry insiders can evaluate what your business spends on telecommunications expenses to help you eliminate waste and save money.

What’s on your mind?

  • Keeping pace with growing demand for connectivity and the higher more complex costs that accompany it
  • Paying more than you need to for telecom services
  • Staying on top of changing carrier plans and service offerings
  • Paying for services youhave replaced and no longer use
  • Reducing costs without having to switch carriers
  • Finding the time and in-house expertise to examine the billing structure of your telecom invoices

A unique approach

Your business relies on telecom services to operate smoothly and efficiently, but payment plans are complex and often priced to the carrier’s advantage. Constant changes in technology makes it easy to pay for services you no longer need and overpay for those you do.

Get a projection of annual savings and refunds.

With one month of your telecom invoices, we can perform a complimentary preliminary assessment. We’ll either forecast your savings and refunds, give you a clean bill of health, or direct you to a resource who can help.

Request an Assessment

CliftonLarsonAllen’s (CLA) experienced professionals can perform a complimentary preliminary assessment to determine whether a deeper investigation makes sense for your business or organization.

Our team members have more than 15 years of experience working for telecom providers, agents, and IT departments. CLA’s industry insight allows us to efficiently examine all aspects of your billings, while remaining independent from telecom providers. Our personal attention is backed by the quality and integrity of a professional services firm rooted in public accounting.

Telecom consulting services

  • Examine contracts alongside your billing records for overpayment errors
  • Investigate billing discrepancies, dispute errors, and secure reimbursement from service providers
  • Help optimize existing services and plans
  • Identify outdated technologies that are no longer being utilized
  • Report our findings and identify future risks
  • Offer advice on ways to reduce expenses for future billing cycles without switching carriers
  • Provide ongoing strategies that fit your company’s structure and needs (available as needed)