Digital Forensics

Keep track of your organization’s most critical assets.

Preserve and investigate evidence of misconduct in your systems

In today’s business world, organizations keep almost all their information electronically. Electronic data can be easy to access and manage — and therefore easy to steal. Let us help you identify key electronic data, recover critical information, and recognize misuse of computing systems to better protect your organization.

We’re committed to helping address what matters most to you:

  • Preserving and organizing electronic evidence from cloud systems and physical devices using forensically sound techniques
  • Analyzing data to help find potential fraud and other types of misconduct
  • Identifying theft of intellectual property or confidential information by employees
  • Analysis of mobile device data and activity
  • Determining the nature and scope of a computer systems breach 
  • Establishing fraud prevention measures in computer systems
  • Providing expert witness testimony on digital forensics, data spoliation, and eDiscovery

Experience our client-focused approach

Our forensics team consists of former federal agents, fraud investigators, and cybersecurity professionals with experience in preserving, organizing, assessing, and recovering electronic evidence from your digital devices and computer systems.

A team tailored to your particular needs can provide an in-depth analysis of your electronic records and files — including emails, physical devices (computer hard drives, mobile phones, etc.), and cloud systems. We help you simplify volumes of information and explain what has and has not been done with your electronic data. Each investigation is approached in a way to help build your case and withstand scrutiny in any potential litigation proceeding.

Our team members have been designated as expert witnesses and have testified in digital forensics, data breach, and fraud matters, and we hold numerous fraud and forensics credentials including CCE, CFE, CHFI, CIA, CICA, CISA, CISM, CISSP, CPA, EnCE, GCFA, and GCIH.

Digital forensics services

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