CLA Intuition® Financial Strategic Planning for Health Care Providers

Our integrated process combines industry insight and interactive modeling tools.

What is CLA Intuition?

CLA Intuition is a proprietary financial planning process that identifies and models the financial impacts of an organization’s key performance drivers. The CLA Intuition process creates a series of interactive modeling dashboards that allow an organization to view its financial performance projections under a variety of scenarios.

Our process can help focus organizational energy on the issues that will strengthen long-term enterprise value. In addition, our process and tools allow for enhanced communication and understanding of key financial success drivers between management teams, boards, owners, and investors.

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CLA Intuition is a integrated process that facilitates long-range financial planning and decision making. It is made up of a variety of tools that can be customized to provide insight into a specific organization’s financial performance. The modeling tools demonstrate the influence of a variety of factors projected over time. When interpreted and discussed, the models can help organizations explore how various options will influence their financial performance and overall success. This enables leaders and management teams to react and respond in real time to the opportunities and challenges they see — or maybe don’t see — on the horizon.

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The CLA Intuition process links deep industry knowledge and experience with your organization’s unique performance characteristics. Our process and tools are designed to understand historic drivers of value, identify the future opportunities and risks associated with, and highlight the potential opportunities and risks of new performance drivers.

Our experience with financial planning suggests that the journey is at least as important as the destination, so our process includes web-based demonstrations or on-site sessions with financial and non-financial stakeholders. This approach enhances the understanding of the key elements of the financial planning and decision making, and enhances buy-in.

Why CliftonLarsonAllen?

Many firms do some sort of financial planning, but no one in the marketplace has our tools. CLA Intuition tools are designed and created by financial professionals with significant health care industry experience. The individual tools are customized to allow organizations to look into the future and evaluate impacts of changes in key performance drivers and new performance opportunities — and not just past and present state. This provides more valuable information than general industry trends. It also helps to make sense of future expenditures so leaders can evaluate spending. In the past, this information might fill many pages with content, graphs, and statistical information that needed to be dissected and digested. CLA Intuition’s interactive dashboards are designed to focus users on the critical metrics for success.

Customized solutions for a variety of issues

CLA is experienced in evaluating a wide array of issues organizations are facing. Through these experiences, we have developed a process to identify the mechanics of key performance drivers and design interactive tools to help decision making. Some examples of CLA Intuition processes and tools available for health care organizations are illustrated below.

Overall system-level financial planning tools

Our CLA Intuition process and tools allow organizations to evaluate the impact of key performance drivers on system-level financial performance targets.

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Medical staff development planning models

CLA has developed models to assist in evaluating the short- and long-term financial impacts of medical staff development plans. Our experience with hundreds of development plans means we have resources, benchmarks, and models available to quickly evaluate the impact of development plans on your organization’s overall long-range financial plan. The image below illustrates how our tools visually present key information.

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Accountable care organizations (ACOs) and risk-based payment models

Our modeling projects can assess the impact of transitioning to accountable care and risk-based payment programs. Our tools are fully integrated with CLA’s system-level, long-range financial planning models and allow for quick simulation of future scenarios that account for changes from fee-based to risk-based contacts. The screen below illustrates the variables we explore that directly influence ACOs.

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Health care reform models

CLA has developed sophisticated, yet tremendously accessible interactive modeling tools to help organizations evaluate the potential impacts of health care reform. From health systems to independent medical groups to senior living organizations, we’ve helped clients explore the impacts of known governmental payment reforms, like value-based payment, as well as aspects that are still evolving.

We can look at how the change in a federal payment rate impacts your organization’s bottom line, and assess the value-based elements of future Medicare reimbursement models. We can also provide a variety of scenarios that look at how the payor mix may be impacted by health care exchanges. Our discussions are dynamic because these future situations are inherently uncertain.

Our modeling tool pictured below provides information on how an exchange impacts both the individual entity as well as the service area.

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Health care exchange models

CLA has a thorough understanding of health insurance exchanges. Our modeling tools provide information on how an exchange impacts both the individual entity as well as the service area.

Medical home payment models

We have a number of tools to assess the impact of converting from fee-for-service to risk-based arrangements. These tools are fully integrated with CLA’s other long-range financial planning models and allow for quick simulation of future state scenarios that account for changes from fee-based models to medical home payment models. The tools apply complex pricing methodologies and depict impacts from both a medical group and integrated health system perspective.

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Bundled payment models

CLA integrates Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services data into our modeling tools to evaluate pricing, gains, losses, and other key impacts. Medicare’s “model two” and “model three” bundled payment arrangements offer providers unique opportunities. Our projections like the ones below help providers capture bundled cost data and transform it into useable information to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of these arrangements.

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