Explore Popular Trust and Estate Planning Strategies

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  • 8/20/2019
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Learn how trusts and estate planning strategies can help you preserve family wealth, plan for succession, reduce taxes, and build the financial future you envision.

Your goals and dreams inhabit the future; trust and estate planning can help bring that future into sharper focus for you, your family, your business, and your community.

This collection of articles lets you explore a few of your trust and estate planning options so you and your tax and legal advisors can start seeing what the future might look like.

The success you have achieved gives you the opportunity to plan for the next phase in life, and the wide variety, flexibility, and tax efficiency of modern trusts and estate planning vehicles can bring you closer to the lasting legacy you desire.

Six Tax-Efficient Ways to Transfer Wealth to the Next Generation

The more proactive you are in planning for the transfer of wealth, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. Talk to your heirs and get the ball rolling.

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Life Insurance or Family Trust? The Benefits of Both May Be Worth Exploring

Life insurance often gets a bad rap. But when you approach it as a financial and estate planning tool, a whole new array of opportunities unfold.

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Your Business and Individual Tax Rates for 2019

Look up your 2019 tax bracket, deductions, exemptions, retirement limits, HSAs, payroll tax, and more.

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How Tax Reform Impacts Trusts and Estates

Some of the most worrisome changes for trusts and estates revolve around deductions for certain income types, state and local taxes, expenses, and contributions.

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A Glossary of Estate Planning Terms and Types of Trusts 

Use this listing to educate yourself as you begin discussions with an estate and trust planning professional.

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Income, Estate, and Gift Tax Considerations of 529 College Savings Plans 

Planning for college costs often starts when a child is young. If one of your goals is an education fund, look down the road and think about saving taxes.

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Grantor Trusts: Tax and Estate Planning With GRATs and IDGTs

Grantor trusts take many forms; here we explore the similarities and differences between GRATs and IDGTs, including tax and estate planning implications.

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Special Needs Trusts Can Improve Quality of Life Without Sacrificing Benefits

Trust options can provide income for the elderly or persons with disabilities without jeopardizing Supplemental Security Income or Medicaid.

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Like-Kind Exchanges and Delaware Statutory Trusts — Dreams Do Come True

If done properly, using a like-kind exchange could defer all taxable gain on the seller’s property.

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Connecting Your Estate and Financial Plans

If you’re subject to estate taxes or not, estate planning is an important process and should be investigated by nearly everyone.

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Using a Trust in Financial Planning: Nonfinancial Questions and Choices to Consider

Learn about issues associated with using a trust to transfer wealth, and get insight into the opportunities for producing particular outcomes.

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Tax-Smart Tips for Handling Your IRA and Estate Plan

Get some pointers on how to minimize taxes and maximize retirement benefits in your estate plan.

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You’ve Been Asked to Be the Executor for an Estate. Now What?

Being an estate executor or trustee is both an honor and a serious responsibility. Do your homework before you say yes, and seek help if you need it.

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Credit Shelter Trusts Versus Portability in Estate Planning

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of portability when compared to a credit shelter trust, so you choose the most fitting estate plan for your family’s situation.

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Make Use of the Gift Tax Exemption With Spousal Access Trusts

A spousal limited access trust might be a way for you to take advantage of the gift tax exemption.

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Income Tax Implications of Grantor and Non-Grantor Trusts

You may have set up a grantor trust for income tax purposes, as these types of trusts are incorporated into many effective estate planning strategies. But do you know how the trust’s income will be taxed?

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