Research and Development Tax Credit for Construction Companies

Identify and document qualifying research activities to help maximize your tax credit — which could result in millions of dollars in savings for your construction company.

Is my business eligible?

The research and development (R&D) tax credit is a general business tax credit for companies that are incurring R&D expenses in the United States.

Examples of qualifying activities include:

  • Design and build projects
  • Engineering activities for most applications
  • Engineering design to improve a building’s function
  • Exploring innovations such as "green building" designs
  • Designing to improve a building’s heat, light, and power efficiency
  • Design of unique structures such as stadiums, dams, bridges, tunnels, hurricane proof structures

Qualifying research expenditures include:

  • Wages — wages of individuals performing, supervising, or assisting research and development
  • Supplies — cost of materials consumed in the development of new products, prototypes, and models
  • Contract research — payments to outside consultants for engineering consulting and outside testing

Companies can benefit in several ways:

  • Claiming immediate tax refunds with interest from your previous tax returns
  • Reducing your current-year estimated tax payments
  • Decreasing your current-year effective tax rate and income taxes  

You may qualify for a tax credit if you are designing new products or processes, or improving existing ones. Our R&D video shows you how.

R&D tax credit services for the construction industry

Our team will identify the types of activities you engage in that qualify for the research credit and provide the documentation to substantiate the credit.

Phase I – Feasibility

For each period the research credits are available, we estimate your potential qualifying R&D expenditures by identifying research projects, wage costs, and other research-related expenses. This allows us to gain a detailed understanding of your company so that we can tailor the study to your specific circumstances.

Phase II – The study

During the study phase, the consulting team will be: Identifying and documenting your research activities in detail Gathering your qualified research expenditures such as wages and supplies Calculating your federal and state research credits  

Phase III – Final report

Our findings are presented in a comprehensive report with all the necessary documentation. We will complete the appropriate federal and state research credit tax forms and can amend your tax return.