We believe in the power of diverse teams and the importance of succession.

A message from our CEO

Our leadership structure reflects our values and beliefs. We formed our leadership teams to be responsive to the needs of our people, our clients, and our communities. Our teams are built to be collaborative and nimble. We are a “flat organization” and believe it’s critical to remain that way as we grow into the future.

As a succession-minded organization, leadership transitions are viewed as part of the journey. Our people gain intentional experience long before they step into a new role. We take great pride in our commitment to serve our teams any place and any time they need us — without a designated headquarters — across more than 130 locations in the United States with global reach through CLA Global.  

CLA will continue to evolve to meet the expectations of those we serve. Our organic growth strategy continues to propel us domestically and abroad ― our incredible and sustained growth trajectory toward $2 billion is a credit to the top talent and top firms choosing CLA for their inspired careers. 

CLA will continue to evolve to meet the expectations of those we serve. We are well-positioned for years to come as we strive to create opportunities for our clients, people, and communities.

Jen Leary, CEO

Our leadership team

Jen Leary

Chief Executive Officer

Jen’s extensive background in assurance, consulting, and mergers and acquisitions includes time spent abroad serving clients globally. As a leader, she believes transparent, authentic communication helps the firm and its people move forward — creating a seamless experience for clients and inspiring careers for its people. She helps CLA continue to build a stronger future through its focus on succession and growth.

“CLA operates very intentionally. We stand on the shoulders of giants — the many leaders who came before us to create our CLA legacy. I’m proud to lead within a firm where succession is evident at every level.”

Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown

Chief Seamless Officer

From her beginnings in audit, finance, and accounting to her significant work building teams, Nancy’s newly created role draws on her wealth of experience. She oversees our service and industry teams, bringing service specialties and industry knowledge to the clients we serve.

“Whether you call it living the CLA promise, leaving a legacy, or creating an environment where people can live their dreams, when our people find purpose and joy, they create opportunities for our clients.”

Cathy Clarke headshot

Cathy Clarke

Chief Culture Officer

Cathy’s roots in consulting, accounting, and auditing services helped her grow through the ranks to take on the responsibility of overseeing the firm’s quality systems and risk management. Knowing that quality is a result of a strong culture, she loves taking on new challenges and getting to know the people she helps along the way. And once a challenge is conquered, she looks for more.

“At CLA, the expectation is that each new leader will take the position to new levels. This frees up the new leader to forge their own path.”

Scott Engelbrecht

Chief Geographic Officer

Scott always knew he wanted to be an accountant. From his early days serving clients to now helping drive the firm’s growth, he does it with a nod to the human factor and deep care for the CLA family. He has a passion for business and believes that accounting is the science of a sustainable organization.

“Align your passion with your purpose. It’s the best fulfillment you’ll have in life.”

Yassir Karam

Chief Solutions Officer

As our resident problem solver, Yassir leaned into his experience in consulting and valuations when he pulled together disparate parts to create cohesive outsourcing services for the firm. Today, he collaborates with teams firm-wide to leverage data and elevate our seamless client experience, integrating innovation and technology solutions to lead us to a place of digital transformation.

“CLA’s entrepreneurial spirit is critical to our digital transformation journey. With an ever-changing market and evolving technology, we are constantly forging the way to help our clients and our people experience change that feels seamless.”

Bryon Reinhart

Chief Business Officer

An experienced people manager, Bryon uses his time as a CLA leader to help the firm manage its workforce and resources with automation and technology. As chief business officer, Bryon helps redefine the staffing model for CLA and influences the industry overall.

“Our people are our greatest resource, and I look forward to increasing the opportunities available to us all — which will in turn increase opportunities for our clients.”

Jeff Vrieze

Chief Transformation Officer

Throughout his career, Jeff has led and inspired teams in many areas, including audit, assurance, seamless, and operations. As chief transformation officer, he applies vast experience ― looking toward the future and how CLA can use technology to improve operations for its people and clients.

“Using technology to address our clients’ challenges and our firm’s operations sets up CLA to continue to be a leader in the industry. Investing heavily in technology is a pivotal decision for our firm and our people.”