Operational Due Diligence

Successful transactions start when you understand the financial history and evaluate the projected financial outlook.

CliftonLarsonAllen provides buyers with a full operational evaluation to help complete successful transactions.

What’s on your mind?

  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of a target's operations and its risks, including future capital expenditure requirements
  • Identifying performance gaps and potential improvement opportunities (e.g., cost reduction and/or revenue enhancement)
  • Identifying — and challenging — potential operational synergies
  • Providing insight on key deal issues, including quantifying opportunities and risks

Experience our client-focused approach

CliftonLarsonallen professionals can assist you in analyzing functional and departmental processes, including manufacturing operations, supply chain and distribution channels, procurement and supply, information technology, and back-office operations such as finance and accounting.

Our in-depth, fact-based analysis identifies and quantifies potential EBITDA* adjustments and working capital issues to create day one and first 100 day plans, followed by hands-on performance improvement. Our teams work seamlessly to construct a holistic view of the transaction opportunity.

Operational due diligence services

  • Business plan review
  • Valuation and financial modeling
  • Selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) review
  • Working capital assessment
  • Manufacturing and operations evaluation
  • Supply chain operations due diligence
  • Procurement and supply review
  • Analysis of capital expenditures (CAPX)
  • Value add and capacity analysis

* Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization

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