Residency Planning and Audit Defense Services

Plan for your change of residence.

We can help you reduce dual jurisdiction risk and enhance tax opportunities by consulting with you on the timing of your move and the steps required to change your home base.

Experience our client-focused approach

Our state and local tax professionals can help you navigate the residency laws that dictate your state of domicile. We take the underlying facts and circumstances of how you live as a key component of our analysis. Due to the confidential and personal nature of these reviews, our first goal is to understand and apply the facts surrounding your daily activities to the statutory framework of your resident state. Then we provide guidance to accomplish your residency change in relation to your overall financial plan. Knowing that a change in residence is often a hectic time, we work to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.

Residency audits

CLA tax professionals can also help you navigate through residency audits to maintain your filing position and help minimize the information that is provided to the state in defense of your filing position. If a position cannot be sustained on audit we will support you through the administrative appeals process to help you negotiate a positive outcome.

Residency planning and audit defense services

Residency change support

  • Outline the residency rules for the state in question
  • Provide a simple list of action steps to accomplish the move
  • Review your facts to determine the ability to sustain a residency position
  • Consult on the timing of your move in relation to your overall financial plan
  • Model the tax implications of a change in domicile
  • Advise on strategies to enhance tax savings
  • Help you understand the treatment of deferred compensation subsequent to your move
  • Review how the change in residency impacts your succession and wealth planning

Audit support

  • Help sustain your residency position on audit
  • Minimize the intrusiveness of a residency audit by controlling the audit and managing the information request
  • Draft a position paper for audit support that applies your facts and circumstances to the residency statutes and cases
  • Appeal an adverse audit determination
  • Represent you through the appeals process

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